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SEAeD Summit

November 22, 2014

Afternoon Workshop Sessions

12:55 – 1:55 PM


JMB 140

Presented by: Tou Ger Bennet Xiong

Artistic Career Exploration

Journey with the performer from the mountainous jungles of Laos, to the Thai refugee camps, to America’s public housing and inner-city public schools, to one of the nation’s top colleges, to the stages of America Got Talent, and to marrying Mrs. Minnesota.  The performer examines the challenges, motivation, and power behind the immigrant experience.  He will rap for you and make you do his funky Hmongboy dance.  Yea baby, turn it down for what?

Audience: Middle school, high school and college students.


Olympic Hall, Rm: 101

Presented by: The Southeast Asian Association Club: Marady Duong, Ahky Ho, Alex Khem, Vane Khouansysombath, Bao-Dung Le, Chau Mai, Ngoc Nguyen, Phi-Khanh Nguyen,Kathleen Mae Salvador, Puthearothsopor Tan, Thảo Tang, South Seattle College

The Journey of Southeast Asian Students at Two Year Colleges

Everything is not what it seems!  Learn and meet both Southeast Asian Americans and Southeast Asian international students about their unique experiences at two year colleges. What opportunities and challenges are they facing?  Learn about their journey!

Audience: Middle school and high school students.


Olympic Hall, Rm: 103

Presented by: Dolly Nguyen,  Research Associate, University of California-Los Angeles

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in WA State:  Closing Their Educational Hidden Achievement Gaps

A review and discussion on an emerging report on Asian Americans and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students and their educational attainment and challenges in Washington state.  This new report opens the discussion with community members and educators to include their perspectives and experiences on the needs of AAPI students.  The report will be published next year in 2015 as a follow up to the 2008 reports, entitled Asian Americans in Washington State: Closing Their Hidden Achievement Gaps and Growing Presence, Emerging Voices: Pacific Islanders & Academic Achievement in Washington.  The report will be submitted to the Washington State Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs (CAPAA).  This session will focus specifically on the Southeast Asian communities.

Audience: Community members, parents/families, educators, college students and policymakers


Olympic Hall, Rm: 105

Presented by: Monica Thammarath, National Education Association, Washington Education Association, Rainier UniServ Council, and Seattle Education Association

Parents, Communities and Educators:  Organizing for Educational Equity

Parents, communities, and educators have a long history of standing together around civil rights and advocating for social justice issues like equal opportunity, immigration, and voting rights. However, with increased attention on “education reform,” we have to work together more than ever to ensure great public schools for every student. This session will provide participants with examples on how the NEA is working nationally, WEA is working across the state, and the Rainier UniServ Council is working locally. Attend this workshop to hear and share challenges and opportunities to building community and union partnerships to organize for educational justice.

Audience:  Community members, parents/families, middle school, high school and college students, and educators.


Olympic Hall, Rm: 202

Presented by: Lyanne O’Connell, Financial Literacy Specialist, South Seattle College

Financial Literacy

Many students come ill-prepared to manage their money when they arrive on college campuses. Yet they are required to make many financial decisions that will impact them now and into their future. South Seattle College is one of many colleges addressing this issue throughout its campus and would like to share with you the services that are offered and what financial basics students should know in college to prepare them for a financially healthy future.

Audience: Community members, parents/families, high school and college students, and educators.


Olympic Hall, Rm: 204

Presented by: Siang Hui Tay (Tay) Xin Hui Tan (Val), Co-Founders of Dreams Unlimited

Dreams Unlimited: What is my true passion and purpose in life? Why is it important?

Dreams Unlimited is an inspiring and powerful presentation that engages participants in discovering their passions and realizing their potentials for living their dreams and creating a fulfilled life. Award winning filmmakers and TED speakers Tay and Val will be sharing their personal dream-making experiences, and stories collected from successful dreamers around the world via short films, photos and storytelling. More info at

Audience: Middle school, high school and college students.



Presenter by: Bopha Cheng & Kathleen Kouthong, Southeast Asian American Access in Education Coalition (SEAeD)

I AM _____: Getting to know our cultural and ethnic identities

What culture(s) do we grow up with and how do we see our ethnic identity(ies)? What does it mean to be Southeast Asian? Vietnamese? Khmer? Lao…? I AM _____ (fill in the blank) is an interactive workshop for students to explore their culture and ethnicity in a safe space. Students are encouraged to share personal experiences in a fun, and comfortable setting. Learn how one Lao American college student navigates her ethnic and cultural identity in school and why it’s important to transform ourselves in different settings.

Audience: Middle school and high school students.





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