SEAeD Fellowship application


Download SEAeD Scholarship Application Here:

PDF – SEAeDFellowshipApplication- 2015-16

Word – SEAeDFellowshipApplication- 2015-16

SEAeD Fellowship Program Overview

SEAeD’s Mission:

To recognize individuals who embrace their ethnic pride and identity as Southeast Asian American and Asian American students; to promote meaning that life is a mission for the greater good in their communities and encourage educational advancement to cultivate and empower individuals to reach their potential.


SEAeD’s Fellowship Program Mission (working statement):

The fellowship program provides role models and mentors for underrepresented Southeast Asian American youths and young adults in our local communities. The mentorship program will serve as a community catalyst to support mentees on leadership, life-long learning, educational and career growth, and continuous learning. The Fellowship Program strongly encourages project proposals that incorporate cultural aspects of respective identities (race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, education, career, etc.) Our goal is to assist SE Asian American youths and young adults to give back and serve the broader community, develop socially responsible individuals.

Upon completion of the Fellowship Program, candidates will receive a $1,000 educational scholarship towards their college education.

Seeking two candidates to participate in the 2015-2017 Fellowship Program.

  • High School Junior /Senior or
  • College Student at any institution of high learning

Program Information

  • SEAeD Fellowship Program encourages students to develop their leadership abilities through practical experience, personal reflection and in community with mentors and peers. With the support of SEAeD Fellowship Mentors, mentees will be provided guidance to pursue an activity or project of interests allowing mentees to expand their leadership and career capacity.
  • In the application process, we ask you to explain your own understandings of leadership, what you want to learn, and how you think the activity you have chosen will support your learning goals. Additionally, you must identify a SEAeD mentor who will provide guidance and encouragement throughout your application process and award period. However, candidates will be working with a committee of mentors throughout their project.
  • You can find a pool of available SEAeD Fellowship Mentors on the website:
  • Contact:

 Eligibility Requirements

    • Must be of Southeast Asian descent
  • Must be either a current high school junior/senior by 2015 or college student


  • Must commit to the expectations of the SEAeD Fellowship Program (2 Year) and complete the Fellowship Project (regular meetings with SEAeD mentor)
  • Reside in Puget Sound

Fellowship Project Requirements

  • Complete Project Proposal Form (included in this application)
  • Project Topic: Project must be related to the following


  • Career Interest
  • Community Issues/Needs (engagement, advancement)
  • Social/Political Issues
  • Leadership Development
  • School Issues (changes they want to see in the school)
  • Health Issues
  • Cultural Understanding
  • If selected, meet with your assigned SEAeD mentor on a monthly basis (current school year)
  • Present your project at the SEAeD SUMMIT (Fall 2016)



Timeline of commitment:

The mentorship program requires a two year commitment for the 2015 – 2017 school year. Mentee is required to attend events and programs arranged by the SEAeD Coalition which focuses on academics, leadership skills, and various activities to create a safe and trusting community.

Year 1: Mentee will work on project with mentor(s)

Year 2: Mentee will mentor and work with one fellow the following year (monthly/bi-monthly check-ins)

Timeline Action
Application Due October 30, 2015
Notification of Acceptance November 1, 2015
Fellowship Acceptance Ceremony & Mentor Matchup (TBD)
Monthly Meeting with Mentor Ongoing January-November 2015- 2017
Mid-Project Check-in February 2015
Project Presentation @ SEAeD Summit 2016 Fall of 2016
Project Completion Scholarship Received

*Mentor Honorarium

$1,000 November 2016

$250 November 2017

Application Requirements/Checklist:

  • General Application form Completed
  • One Letter of Recommendation (teacher, professor, counselor, advisor, or community leader)
  • Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Please describe the activity or project you propose to undertake and how this experience will challenge you and allow you to grow as a leader. *College students: If needed please be sure to include a budget for your proposal with details on how you plan to use the funding.

Project Name
Project Narrative

Suggested questions to answer in your proposal

Your project narrative should answer the following questions:

1) What issues does your project plan to address?

2) Why is this issue an important topic?

3) How does it relate to your personal and/or career goals?

4) How will it impact or relate to you?

5) Propose a budget if needed and explain how you will use

      it to complete your project.

 6) Include a timeline in completing your project and how you plan to meet your project goals.

 Length:400-600 words, max 2 pages typed, 12 font, double space

Example narratives should frame discussion around why this initiative matters to you, what you expect to distinctively contribute, and your goals for developing your leadership potential. What do you need to learn about leadership and about being a leader yourself? Consider how your mentor and the context of your project will provide the support you will need to meet your learning goals.



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